Behavior Modification Program
based on 7Spsy Technology
Break old habits and change your life for the better
I am a former smoker. FORMER! 10 years of unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking... Just 1.5 months following the course changed me completely. Past life seems like a bad dream with a bad smell.
It is amazing! It turns out that you just need to do trainings every day, and the desire to overeat disappears.
Institute of Distance Psychology presents:
The modality of behavioral psychotherapy
Completely distance course

Sessions with a psychologist + training
6 weeks to tangible results

7Spsy — behavior change technology, combines daily classes with a personal psychologist and independent training at home.
Why do I need to change my behavior?
Your behavioral environment shapes your reality every day. You unconsciously choose a model of behavior, guided by the signals of this environment. This model can be fixed and turn into a learned form, which you may not be able to refuse on your own.

What to do if a learned behavior brings nothing but trouble?
With the help of training, you can learn a new model of behavior and thus get rid of old model without suffering.
Behavior can bring joy and can bring pain
Positive behavior
Kind and cordial family relations
Negative behavior
Constant family conflicts
Positive behavior
Life free from bad habits
Negative behavior
Addiction on alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc.
Positive behavior
Active lifestyle and sports
Negative behavior
Low level of physical activity and, as a result, body and well-being problems
Positive behavior
Understanding between parents and children
Negative behavior
Conflicts between parents and children
Positive behavior
Good academic progress, high study motivation
Negative behavior
Refusing to study
Positive behavior
Successful career
Negative behavior
Problem of self-realization
Positive behavior
High income
Negative behavior
Financial difficulties
Positive behavior
Optimistic thinking
Negative behavior
Negative attitude towards life
Positive behavior
The ability to make friends, build relationships
Negative behavior
Problems in social communication
How is problematic behavior formed?
In order for a person to get used to alcohol, it needs to be placed on the table next to food.
After several repetitions, a food reaction to alcohol appears (involuntary salivation).
After some more repetition, there is a reaction of euphoria to alcohol as part of protective reaction of the body to intoxication.
Alcohol is consumed in order to experience a state of euphoria. At the same time, the amount of alcohol increases and the level of intoxication rises, ending up with pathological changes in the liver and impaired functioning of the central nervous system.
This mechanism of behavioral reinforcement corresponds to I.P. Pavlov's theory of conditioned reflexes and to Skinner's theory of behavioral psychotherapy.

7Spsy Behavior Modification Technology was created based on the scientific discoveries of these scientists and the latest developments in the field of behavioral psychology.
Without the help of a specialist, you can remain trapped in your model of behavior. You will live without escaping from a vicious circle!

With the help of 7Spsy Behavior Modification Technology, a new behavior model will be formed and consolidated in 6 weeks!
In what cases is the Technology applied efficiently?
Self-development and self-discipline:
— education and training for children and adolescents;
— personal growth and self-discipline;
— development of spiritual consciousness and moral behavior.

Learned forms of problematic behavior:
— overeating;
— anxiety;
— jealousy, tantrums, conflicts in the family, adultery;
— phobias;
— aggression;
— shopaholism;
— Internet addiction.
Forms of addictive behavior:
— alcoholism;
— smoking;
— drug addiction;
— medication addiction;
— hypersexuality (nymphomania).
Health psychology:
— change in those forms
of behavior that are the
cause of psychosomatic disorders.
7Spsy Technology is suitable for solving problems to both adults and children.
Order a consultation to find out how we can help you with your unique case!
Your behavior can bring you a lot of pleasure or bring nothing but trouble, causing physical and psychological pain. Negative forms of behavior:
— break your relationship;
— destroy health;
— do not allow to build a career;
— interfere with rest, enjoy life and be happy.
Become the master of your behavior!
Behavior Modification course based on 7Spsy
Technology contains:

12 tests
Stage 1 - diagnostic testing to determine your condition and personal needs.
7 tools
You get an individually selected set of tools to influence all sensory channels. With this set you will work independently throughout the course.
7 hours of consultation and 28 hours of training.
After completing the training you will consult daily with a personal psychologist, who will support and motivate you.
The method is patented and approved by the professional league of psychotherapists
The technology has been effectively applied in Singapore since 2017
From the author of the technology:
«Dear friend, this technology has helped many people change their behavior, improve their quality of life, and become happier. I am glad that today distance is not a hindrance to therapy, and we can help anyone, wherever they are. Every person has an innate ability to learn. But if a person learns problematic behavior accidentally and over a long period of time, the formation of healthy behavior by using the behavior modification method goes faster and more comfortably».
All our specialists are members
of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League
They are also members
of Behavioral Psychology and Therapy Association
Your life is your habits and behavior
Take control of them and manage your life consciously
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